August 15, 2015

Pichu Keychain ^~^

More Pictures are available on Ravelry and Deviant Art
Sup humans,

Sorry I've been away for a while... We just had summer break and I went around Europe XD. However I couldn't bring any of my crochet stuff :(
Anyway I'm back now, school has started and I'm entering my final year of Middle School.
So I started this school year off by making a Pichu keychain. Its so cute XD
I was thinking it could also make a cool christmas decoration, it's the perfect size for baubles too. Now I'm imagining a whole christmas tree decorated in tiny Pichu
Well heres the pattern:


YARN {type:I used acrylic but any should be fine}:

Black and light pink cotton
Black and light pink felt
Thin ribbon [colour of your choice]
Black Beads/safety eyes
Tapestry Needle
Sewing needle
3mm {Japan:5/0, U.K.:11} size crochet hook
Stitch marker {A Paper Clip is fine}

Your inner crooked meowzel ^~^

HEAD: Yellow

Magic Circle, 6 sc, slp st in first sc (6 sc)

R1: Ch 1, inc around (12 sc)
R2: [sc, inc] around (18 sc)
R3: [2 sc, inc] around (24 sc)
R4-R7: sc around (24 sc)
R8: [2sc, dec] around (18 sc)

Cut ribbon to desired length and leave 5cm [2 inches] and tie knot.
Insert ribbon through the magic circle, and stitch knot to the inside of the head.

Sew eyes and mouth on [see picture for reference]
Begin Stuffing

R9: [sc, dec] around (12 sc)
R10: dec around, slp st into first sc (6 sc)

Finish off, stitch opening closed. 

EARS:Yellow [make 2]

[leave long enough tail to stick ear onto head]
Magic Circle, 6 sc, slp st in first sc (6 sc)

R1: Ch 1, inc in 3sc (6 sc)

Finish off, thread through

Cut black felt to shape as shown in the picture and blanket stitch [double layer of felt] on to the outer round of the ear with black cotton.

CHEEKS: Light pink [make 2]

Using light pink felt cut a small circle and blanket stitch with similar colour cotton on to cheek [see picture for reference]


Sew ears onto head, diagonally from each eye on opposite sides of the head.

Original Pattern by Rhia ©2015. Do not sell, copy or redistribute this pattern. You may only use this pattern for personal, non-commercial use. Use of this pattern for any other purpose, but not limited to remaking is a violation of the copyright. Credit should be given to the owner if remade or/and shared on social media or any other platform. Pichu is an intellectual property of Nintendo.