October 12, 2015

Poro :P

More reference pictures available on Deviant Art

Sup humans

So again this is another birthday gift for a friend. [sigh, all the birthday gifts are so over  due ;-;]  Anyway she loves League of Legends and asked if I could make a poro for her. I't so cuuuttteee. I kinda wanted to keep it for myself ^~^ This was a really cool project to work on because I got to use my fluffy yarn! It's so soft and was the perfect thing for this, but the only downside is that it tends to get dirty easily.....but you can always hand wash it. 

So heres the Poro Pattern [oo alliteration]

YARN {type:I used acrylic and a special fluffy one but any should be fine}:
White [fluffy]
Light Pink

Black Beads/safety eyes
Tapestry Needle
3.5mm {Japan:6/0, U.K.:9} AND a 6mm {Japan: 10/0, U.K.:4} crochet hook
Stitch marker {A Paper Clip is fine}
White cotton thread [or anything to sew the parts together]

Your inner crooked meowzel ^~^

TONGUE: Light pink [3.5mm hook]

R1: Ch 1, inc around (12 sc)
R2-R6: sc around (12 sc)

Slp st in first sc
Finish off

HORNS: Brown [3.5mm hook]

Magic circle, 4 sc, slp st in first sc

R1: [sc, inc] around (6sc)
R2-3: sc around (6sc)
R4: [sc, inc] around (9 sc)
R5: sc around (9sc)

Slp st in first sc
Finish off

BODY: White [fluffy if you have] [6mm hook]
R1: Ch 1, inc around (12 sc)
R2: [sc, inc] around (18 sc)
R3: [2 sc, inc] around (24 sc)
R4-R7: sc around (24 sc)
R8: [2sc, dec] around (18 sc)

Begin Stuffing, sew eyes and tongue on with white cotton thread

R9: [sc, dec] around (12 sc)
R10: dec around, slp st into first sc (6 sc)

Finish off, stitch opening closed.


Tongue goes in between 2 eyes 
Horns go diagonally from the eyes, if not curved bend and squish a bit till they are [DO NOT STUFF THE HORNS AND TONGUE]