September 24, 2015


More reference pictures available on Deviant Art
Sup humans,

I finally finished this Poland ball, which comes from a webcomic series on reddit.
This is actually a birthday gift for my friend, however it is long overdue [his birthday was in July] I guess I was procrastinating a lot.....sigh
Anyway my friend loves Poland ball and he showed me the webcomics, they are hilarious. XD

Anyway, heres the pattern:

Polandball Pattern:


YARN {type:I used acrylic but any should be fine}:

White felt
White and black embroidery thread
Tapestry Needle
4mm {Japan:7/0, U.K.:8} size crochet hook
Stitch marker {A Paper Clip is fine}

Your inner crooked meowzel ^~^

BODY HALF: Red and white [Make 2, one in each colour]

Magic Circle, 6sc, slp st in first sc

R1: Ch 1, inc around (12 sc)
R2: [sc, inc] around (18 sc)
R3: [2 sc, inc] around (24 sc)
R4: [3 sc, inc] around (30 sc)
R5: [4sc, inc] around (36sc)
R6: [5sc, inc] around (42sc)
R7: [6sc, inc] around (48sc)
R8: [7sc, inc] around (54sc)

R9-R13: sc around (54sc)
R14: sc around, slp st in first sc

Finish off, leave end long tail on one of the halves to sew together.

Sew 2 halves together, leave a gap to insert stuffing
Put stuffing in
Sew with blanket stitch, 2 white semi-circle like eyes
Back stitch in black [6 strands] around the eye

Original Pattern by Rhia ©2015. Do not sell, copy or redistribute this pattern. You may only use this pattern for personal, non-commercial use. Use of this pattern for any other purpose, but not limited to remaking is a violation of the copyright. Credit should be given to the owner if remade or/and shared on social media or any other platform.  Poland Ball is intellectual property of Reddit.