March 17, 2015

Bringing your Creations to "Life"

Sup humans,
So I have this weird thing where I feel like I need to bring my creations to life. This is not only when I crochet, but when I make anything that is meant to represent something "alive", something that would move and I could befriend. So to make them "alive", I crochet little hearts and put them in with the stuffing. If you cut open any of my creations, you will find little crocheted hearts. I choose the colour carefully to determine their personality and what-not. 

Heres a quick pattern:

Magic Circle {don't pull the magic circle closed until the end}

R1: Ch 3
2 tc into the magic circle
3 dc into the magic circle
Ch 1, tc into the magic circle, ch 1
3 dc into the magic circle
2 tc into the magic circle
Ch 3, slp st into the magic circle
Pull magic circle closed

Weave in all loose ends