January 31, 2016

Super Easy Fingerless Gloves

More pictures available on Deviant Art and Ravelry

Sup humans XD

So friend of mine who had also asked for a rose bookmark, wanted some fingerless gloves. When thinking about how to make them I realised, I could just make two rectangles and fold them in half, bam, super easy to make fingerless gloves! I added some cool buttons to jazz it up a bit ^~^
Hope you like them, and I'd wanna know what type of gloves do you guys like to wear?

Here's the pattern:


~Black acrylic yarn {you can choose whatever colour you want}
~2 buttons of your choice
~6mm crochet hook {Japan: 10/0, U.K.: 4, U.S.: J/10}
~Tapestry needle
~Black embroidery floss {should match whatever colour yarn you are using}
~Sewing needle


Make 2

Ch 26

R1: Hdc in 3rd ch from hook, hdc in each st till end, ch2 turn (24hdc)

R2-R17: Hdc in each st

Finish off, leave long end tail for sewing gloves together.


Fold rectangle horizontally in half. From the edge sew seam for 6 inches. Flip the glove and sew 6 inches from the other end leaving a gap in-between the two 6 inch seams for your thumb.
Along the seamed edge at the bottom sew on your button.

And TA~DA~! You have fingerless gloves, super easy wasn't it!

Hope this finds you well!

         ~Rhia XD

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